Coba Secures a $2.2M Seed Round to Simplify Cross-border Financial Services in LatAm

After completing the YCombinator Summer 2023 Batch, Coba has successfully closed its $2.2 million seed round.

Why working for a US company is the next best step for tech professionals

If you're a tech professional, the doors have never been more open to exciting, international job opportunities! Landing a remote job for a US company brings about great long-term benefits. This blog highlights those benefits, what you should consider and what steps you can take to get started today.

5 Benefits of Owning a US Dollar Account as Remote Worker in LatAm

For remote professionals looking to maximize their earning potential as they build their portfolio of clients both locally and internationally, starting off on the right foot is essential. So, what better way than to begin by opening your very own US dollar account? (Yes, without even having to leave home!)

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