3 reasons why US companies are actively hiring Latam software developers for remote work

3 reasons why US companies are actively hiring Latam software developers for remote work

We’re coming to the end of 2022 and finally, things are looking better Covid-wise. Yes, Covid has probably been the most used word for the last three years and most people would agree that Covid basically disrupted, worsened, and even improved many things around the world.

So, what did Covid actually improve? We’d like to use the word ‘’boost’’ for what we’re about to jump into.

Remote work - before and now

Believe it or not, remote work was actually a thing before Covid was the new nasty kid on the block. According to Pew Research, ‘’Nearly two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, roughly six-in-ten U.S. workers who say their jobs can mainly be done from home (59%) are working from home all or most of the time.’’ Before the pandemic hit the world, a mere 3% of the population was working remotely. After WHO declared the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, the percentage of remote workers increased to 20-30%.

This is now a global phenomenon, and although we’re going to continue diving into statistics here, remote work has definitely seen a boost all around the world. 

This has also led to an incredible increase in talent around the world landing remote jobs for companies outside their home country. Geographical boundaries no longer have a stronghold on work limitations and job placement. This is especially the case for people in the tech space. US companies are now offering exciting remote work opportunities to tech-savvy individuals all over Latin America, with countries like Mexico being a hot-spot breeding ground for the very best tech talent to be found. 

So, why are US companies looking for skilled tech talent (such as software developers) beyond borders? Here, we give you three easy-to-digest answers to that question, and if you’re a software developer yourself, how you can start your remote work journey on the right foot.

3 reasons why US companies are actively hiring Latam software developers for remote work

Geographical proximity & similar time zones

The fact that Latin American countries all fall within US working time zones makes it a no-brainer for US companies to hire talent in those same time zones. Most Latin American countries will either fall under Pacific Time, Mountain Time, Central Time, or Eastern Time making remote collaboration and communication between teams a breeze. 

Now that travel is back and booming, a single day or a week’s business trip isn’t a problem since countries like Mexico are in close proximity to the US. 

Higher salaries for talent and lower costs for companies

US companies are attracted to hiring talent in Latin America because of the lower cost of labor and living. Before you start questioning the ethics of hiring this way, it really is a win-win situation for everyone. On one side, hiring companies get to cut incredible labor costs, and, on the other side, remote workers in Latam get to earn a salary way above what they would earn locally.  

To shine extra light on this, we’ll jump into stats just once more. The median annual salary for remote Latin American software developers working for local companies is $12,000, while those working internationally earn $26,400 (all data is in USD). For the 64% of developers working remotely for a US-based company, the median wage is $40,000. This number is only getting bigger.

Latam boasts exceptional, young talent

Companies all over the US - both large corporations and ready-to-go startups - are recognizing the experienced tech talent pool Latam has to offer. As a matter of fact, countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico are within the top 20 countries that boast the most software developers around the world. 

Plus, talent in Latin America is well-known for the effort they put into delivering outstanding results. Yes, the average amount of hours worked each week in most Latin American countries is shocking and not something to be proud of. But, this does mean that people in Latin America are resilient, responsible, hard workers that drive incredible results. 

Lastly, most software developers across Latam are young and motivated. This makes US companies particularly attracted to growing their business by hiring skilled remote software developers abroad.

How you can become a remote developer for a US company

Currently, there are thousands of US companies ready to take the exciting step of building and growing their remote developer team in Latam. However, it’s still not as easy as it looks because of specific country labor laws, taxing regulations, and providing benefits.

It even gets tricker for talent looking to land a remote job for a US company. How do you really know when a job offer is legit? Are you going to get a better salary, but at the cost of not getting any law-based benefits? What about taxes and setting yourself up legally? How will hidden bank costs and currency conversion rates affect how much you really end up earning? 

The list of questions goes on, but don’t let that get your hopes down! There are tons of options where you can get all your remote work needs seamlessly managed in a single place.

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